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Four Reasons you need a new headshot

A good headshot can make a big difference in your career, which is why professional headshots should be an important part of presenting yourself to potential clients and employers. Headshots are used in many industries and there are several reasons why your photo needs to be updated on a regular basis:

1. An updated headshot helps other people recognize you. If you are using a photo that is five or ten years old, a new client might have difficulty recognizing you because you don’t look like the picture on your website. It’s best not to confuse people by posting an old photo. It’s  much better to have current professional headshot on your website, social media profiles, and business cards so that people can quickly recognize you when they see you in a crowd. You want the headshot to look exactly like you do today.

2. Old headshots make you look dated. Photographic trends and technologies have changed over time and outdated styles are especially noticeable.  Amateur photos often make you look unflattering and can cause you to feel like you’re un-photogenic. If you think you don’t look good in front of a camera, hire a professional headshot photographer and see how quickly your self-image improves!

3. You never know when you’re going to need an updated headshot. Even though you might not need a professional headshot today, there may come a time you absolutely do, so don’t find yourself unprepared. It’s quite common for people to book last-minute photo sessions because an opportunity arose suddenly that requires a headshot. Instead of feeling stressed and rushed, it’s better to plan ahead and get that updated headshot ahead of time.  You’ll be able to take your time to plan for a nice headshot so that it’s available whenever the need arises.

4. Good professional headshots will command attention on social media profiles and websites.  Having a poor quality headshot might very well have a negative effect on your career. Hiring managers frequently use social media websites and other online platforms to research job candidates. If a potential future employer sees an unremarkable photo of you, they may not remember you as they sort through hundreds of other resumes. On the other hand, if you have an outstanding professional headshot posted on your social media accounts, the image will stand out, improving your chances for an interview.

To book an appointment for your contemporary business headshot, visit my website!

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