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Alisha Nycole Studio at Easton’s Silk Mill

I’ve had the good fortune to cross paths with Alisha Nycole several times while photographing weddings. Alisha‘s reputation for beautiful, subtle makeup artistry is well deserved.  My brides are always delighted with her wonderful work and sweet disposition.

Naturally, I was absolutely thrilled to learn she recently moved into one of the new studios at the Silk Mill, just blocks from my own studio!

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Alisha’s gorgeous workspace.  Not only does she have an eye for elegant makeup, but she also has a sophisticated sense of interior design.  The studio’s dark architectural features (hardwood floors, a winding iron staircase, and exposed brick) are beautifully offset by chic, white furnishings.  High ceilings and large windows also bring light to this airy space.  Anyone who visits Alisha is sure to delight in the loveliness of their makeup as well as their surroundings.


alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-4-of-28 alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-3-of-28 alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-6-of-28 alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-5-of-28 alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-7-of-28 alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-8-of-28
alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-14-of-28 alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-15-of-28

I invited Alisha to come up for a few fun portraits in my natural light studio after my visit to her new studio space. She was a joy to work with! (Thanks for your help, Ashlee).  Alisha can be reached at

alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-20-of-28 alisha-nycole-armen-elliott-19-of-28


For seven ways to drive your makeup artist NUTS on your wedding day, click here.

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