Lehigh Valley Business Headshots by Armen Elliott, Easton,PA

What’s a Wedding Proof Book?

Proof Book by Armen Elliott Photography (8 of 9)After your wedding day is over and you’ve received your wedding album (which might include 70-100 images) how will you access all the rest of the photos on your flash drive? Digital images usually stay on the computer or iPad, and a box of proof prints usually doesn’t remain intact as a complete set. Honestly, how can you refuse to give your best friend her favorite print of the both of you looking stunning on your wedding day?

In the days of film, photographers used to create contact sheets containing thumbnail-size images of each 35mm negative. Happily, proof book images are much larger than thumbnails (for easy viewing) and are bound together in a book format.  The proof book becomes a beautiful visual diary of your entire wedding day.  A proof book is something you can easily hold and enjoy browsing through without turning on your computer.

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