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David Lang’s the whisper opera performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble at Lincoln Center’s 2013 Mostly Mozart Festival

I was thrilled this year to once again cover Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival. One of this year’s highlights was the rehearsal and performance of David Lang’s “the whisper opera”, by the incomparable International Contemporary Ensemble. The opera featured set design by the amazing Jim Findlay and a superb and challenging performance by the soprano Tony Arnold. The work extends David Lang’s exploration of musical events that can only be experienced in live performance. In “the whisper opera”, the piece is so quiet, intimate, and personal to the performers that unless you are right next to them you hear almost nothing. The score stipulates that the work cannot be recorded, filmed or amplified and the audience must be small enough to be seated no more than one row from the performers. These photographs offer a window into this magical musical world.  To see more behind-the-scenes images from Mostly Mozart Festivals, visit my music, performance and art website at

David Lang in rehearsal of the whisper opera David Lang's Whisper Opera performed by International Contemporary Ensemble David Lang in rehearsal of the whisper opera Claire Chase performing the whisper opera by David Lang Kivie Cahn-Lipman in rehearsal of the whisper opera David Lang and Jane Moss in conversation at Lincoln Center during Mostly Mozart Soprano Tony Arnold with Claire Chase

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