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Weddings are Not Just for Brides and Grooms

Weddings are Not for Brides and Grooms We usually think that weddings are all about the bride and groom.  They are the reason for the gathering and the focus of attention.  But if weddings were just for the bride and groom, they would be the only ones in attendance. Most weddings are community events, whether limited to the immediate family or embracing far-flung remote family members and members of a community. But while they are assembled for celebration, there is also a more subtle reason for the public nature of weddings.  The wedding ceremony is fundamentally a declaration to all assembled about the primacy of the marriage relationship, marking a shift in all relationships between the bride and groom and their own family and friends. A new set of personal boundaries is established, with its own set of rules and loyalties, that commands a respect of the married couple’s primacy in each other’s lives.  This new set of boundaries, too, is “for better or worse”, and “til death.”   It is wonderful to see a community rise up to wholeheartedly embrace these new boundaries, respect the new relationships, and support a recently married couple in their new life together. If you’d like to see more wedding celebration photographs, visit

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