Armen Elliott Photo

Truth vs. Photoshop

As an art form, photography possesses the unique power to capture the truth of a single moment. Unique and unrepeatable, each moment is its own universe. A photograph can seize the high energy of a peak moment and hold it forever suspended in time, like the bursting of champagne from a bottle. Others can depict an intimate drama, seen only by the photographer and the participants, like a bride’s mother looking searchingly into her daughter’s eyes in the moments just before she joins her husband-to-be at the altar.
While the use of Photoshop pervades the wedding industry, it cannot recreate a single authentic moment.
Lehigh Valley Wedding 583 Park Avenue wedding photography by Armen ElliottThe Club at Morgan Hill wedding photography by Armen ElliottNazareth wedding photography by Armen ElliottEaston, PA wedding photography by Armen Elliott at St Anthony's ChurchWedding photography at Trinity Episcopal Church by Armen Elliott Photography, Easton, PALehigh Valley Wedding photography by Armen Elliott in Easton, PAMountain Springs Lake Resort wedding photography by Armen Elliott

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