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How to look taller and slimmer on your wedding day!

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Almost everyone wants to look taller, slimmer and elegant on their wedding day.  Recent fashion trends have made strapless gowns very popular.  But sometimes horizontal lines can cut you down in height and visually emphasize your width.

The key to remember is V-Shaped for vertical.  A v-neckline combined with a large, v-shaped, cascading bouquet creates a long vertical line which draws your gaze up and down.  If you look at my photo above, you’ll see the bride’s v-neck gown and notice the bridesmaids’ dresses all have strong vertical white lines too.

You might also consider wearing an “empire style” wedding gown with a higher waistline (especially if it’s smaller than your natural waistline).  For more information about the best style dress for your particular shape, click here.

If you already have a strapless gown and want to incorporate that V-shape, just adding a short-sleeved Bolero jacket or shrug can create the same V-effect. I can think of two shops in the Lehigh Valley where creative dressmakers can help you match a jacket to your dress: Deborah Lopresti and Susan Kolar Couture. 

Here’s a link to some wedding gowns that may inspire you: The Dress Theory

Enjoy your V-Day with your sweetheart!


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