Armen Elliott Photo

Guest Blog: Sustainable Fashion

Hi! Our names our Saira and Megan and we are interns working for Armen Elliott Photography.  Today we are taking over her blog!
For our high school senior post term project we wanted to gain experience in photography and learn how to turn our passions into a career.  We had the privilege of working with Armen Elliott herself, her equipment, and her studio.

The first part of our internship was centered around the concept of sustainable fashion.  During the past few days we have created and photographed a dress  made entirely out of newspaper, duct tape, and tulle. We also took a trip to a local thrift store to explore the idea of recycling clothing and accessories.  We purchased about five items each and updated them using elements from our personal wardrobes to create fun and fresh outfits. Here’s a link to a directory of nationwide creative-reuse centers.
Click this link to see the book Megan created for the project.


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