Armen Elliott Photo

Photography Talk at Nazareth Area High School’s Career Day

When I was asked to give a talk at Nazareth Area High School’s Career Day about being a photographer, I hesitated. After all, when I was in high school, I was convinced that public speaking was one of Dante’s circles of hell to which introverts like me were condemned if they misbehaved.  After the teacher assured me that no grade was involved, I agreed.

I can genuinely say that yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed talking about something I love…photography! Click on the photo below to get the entire panoramic view of the class.

If you, too, are considering a new career or looking for a change, here are a few links you may find helpful in your quest:

Test Drive Your Dream Job By Brian Kurth
Vocation Vacations
Quiet: The power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking by Susan Cain

For links specific to photography:

Creative Live Online Learning
Looking at Photographs by John Szarkowski

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