Armen Elliott Photo

My 6 Favorite Quotes of 2011

I’m always taking notes — when meeting potential clients, previewing sites, at rehearsal and after each event.  Here are a few things I heard this year that made me smile:
(1) A Father of the Groom: 
“I never knew taking pictures was work until I watched you do it.”  
(2) A 2012 Bride-to-be:
“I like your photos because you can see the feeling.”
(3) Father of a Bride: 
“We’ve had four children married and you are head and shoulders above the rest of the photographers.”
(4) A 2011 Bride: 
“You were everywhere and then nowhere.”
(Must be my zen-like approach…)
(5) A 2011 Bride:
“That’s the exact photo I had in my mind! I think I’m gonna cry.”  
Kelly, me and Carlos- photo taken by Dan, their groomsman

(6) Ani DiFranco said it best: “I do it for the joy it brings. ‘Cause I’m a joyful girl.  The world owes me nothing. We owe each other the world.”

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