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"Mostly Mozart" at Lincoln Center: Behind the Scenes With the International Contemporary Ensemble

I was delighted to be invited back this year to document those talented twinkling icicles in the coolest constellation known as ICE during their rehearsals for this year’s Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center.
ICE members rehearsing with the acclaimed young conductor, Duncan Ward, at the ICEhaus in Brooklyn.
Raising a glass to celebrate the tenth year anniversary of the International Contemporary Ensemble!
 On a rare break, Claire Chase,  ICE founder and Executive Director, manages to score points off the bench as ICE flutist Eric Lamb and Liz watch.
The renowned “sensitive and subtle artist” composer Matthias Pintscher in rehearsal with ICE at The Dimenna Center in the Baryshnikov Arts Center.
ICE percussionist Nathan Davis hammering at magical metal cylinders during rehearsal at Dimenna.
The Alice Tully Hall stage can be lowered and raised to create three different stage sizes.
Pianist Cory Smythe preparing his digitally-programmed modern”player piano”, a Yamaha Disklavier.
Featured guest pianist, Peter Serkin, winner of the Grammy award for “best new classical artist” at the age of 19, during rehearsals with Eugene Kim and gifted young Spanish conductor Pablo Heras-Casado.
 Violinist David Bowlin, David Byrd on French Horn, cellist Kivie Cahn-Lipman,  bassist Scott Dixon and Gareth Flowers on trumpet in rehearsal with composer Matthias Pintscher
 Clarinetist and ICE program director Joshua Rubin, with pressing needs before the performance.
ICE bassoonist Rebekah Heller, backstage, moments before walking out on stage at Alice Tully Hall.
A glass of water becomes an instrument when it’s tuned to “G” and played by Nathan Davis.
Elation and applause leaving the red glow of the main stage into the backstage blue light. Congratulations are given and received on a wonderful performance.
Pablo Heras-Casado back stage after the performance with members of ICE. The New York Times Review.
ICE’s “after concert” at the Kaplan Penthouse with Matthias Pintscher.
Virtuoso Dennis James and his glass armonica surrounded by curious audience members after the concert.

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