Armen Elliott Photo

Beach Wedding in Ocean City, Maryland

Julie used to ride the bus to elementary school with the “red haired little boy”.  In high school, they just happened to sign up for the same trip to Greece and when they returned, Cody (the red haired boy) asked her out on a date.  They’ve been together ever since.  Cody graduated college with a degree in environmental studies and Julie is an art teacher/artist who created the hairpieces and jewelry and has an online Etsy shop.
The Ocean City beach was a favorite family vacation spot and holds special meaning for Julie’s family.

During a pre wedding photo shoot, our attempt at finding a secluded spot on the beach was first interrupted by rookie lifeguards who were in training and then by a Washington DC news reporter covering the beach beat! At least Julie and Cody got their minute of fame on the 11 o’clock news that night.

Cody carries one of his two adorable nieces who served as flower girls.

Their reception was held a day later in Phillipsburg.
DJ: John Tone 
Flowers: Bloomies
Hair Accessories and Jewelry by Julie McConnell at Etsy
Hair: Maureen Meier of Signature Salon Spa

Reception Venue: Flynn’s on the Hill
Amusement Park: Trimper’s

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