Armen Elliott Photo

Real rapture on May 21st at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

I saw authentic rapture in Matthew’s eyes on his wedding day and it was exclusively reserved for Sara.  It’s the kind of “heaven on earth” feeling you get when you’ve found the other half of your heart.  It was very clear that these two felt the same way about each other. They not only had found true love for themselves but also for Matt’s sister, Lisa, and his best man, Jesse.   Matt and Sara introduced Jesse and Lisa to each other. They soon married and now have an adorable, red haired little girl.
Here are a few photos from Sara and Matthew’s absolutely beautiful wedding:

Sara is the third generation to be married at Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church.

Matthew with Jesse (his Best Man) and sister, Lisa.

May 21st has come and gone and, yes, we’re all still here….stuck on the sweet flypaper of life ( borrowed from the poet, Langston Hughes).
DJ: Steve Mittman Entertainment (yes, the B104 guy!)
Limo: J&J Luxury Transportation (Thank you, Mike, for keeping me hydrated)

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