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Greetings Blog Viewers!

We’ve taken control of Armen’s blog for a brief post while she is off climbing Mt. Everest and scuba diving in Cyprus.  Actually, she’s preparing for her Ocean City beach wedding.

Anyway, we are her two-week interns, Eliza and Julia.  Armen has allowed us to work with her as part of our final project before graduating high school.  During our two week internship, Armen has been showing us the keys to studio portraiture, editing, post-processing, and seeing through a photographer’s eyes.  In addition, she has given us tattoos (fake ones of course) to get in the mood for Julia’s photo-documentary of tattoo parlors. She also taught us how to play the dulcimer and the secret to whistling at previously inconceivable decibels.

On our second day with Armen, we spent the morning photographing each other using her studio set-up, basking in the glory of being both model and photographer while Armen coached and edited photos from her weekend wedding.  We were so inspired that Armen thought we could take our modeling to a new level, and she bestowed upon us the sacred fan and backlight, as you can see in our photos.  The afternoon was devoted to more portraits using various lenses, editing and post-processing techniques.

Here are a few of the results from our photo session. Photos of Julia were taken by Eliza and vice versa.

Photo of Julia by Eliza
Photo by Eliza
Photo by Eliza
Photo by Eliza
Photo of Eliza by Julia
Photo by Julia
Photo by Julia
Photo by Julia

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