Armen Elliott Photo

Autumn Wedding at Burnside Plantation

Edith wanted a wedding on the edge.  On the edge of two ecosystems, that is, or “ecotones”.  An ecotone is the space created by the meeting of the two ecosystems, where you find not only the plants and animals of each ecosystem but additional species uniquely adapted to the conditions created by the meeting of the two.  In this place, you find an unexpected abundance of life. Their lives meet at the edge of two worlds: Edith’s interest in the natural world and food equity, and Philip’s work in architecture and the arts.

The historic buildings at Burnside Plantation evoke an era long past and give you a feeling of timelessness.  The natural setting with its orchard, gardens and trees appealed to the bride.
After their ceremony at Grace Episcopal Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania the couple sped off in a sporty convertible decorated with fluttering white balloons.
Flowers by The Twisted Tulip in Bethlehem.
It was only fitting that the bridal party was photographed surrounded by willow trees; after all, one of Edith’s three academic degrees is in forestry.

The couple will be living in Boston where Phillip completed a building project expansion at The Museum of Fine Arts and is currently working on a project at The Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA.

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