Armen Elliott Photo

Deployment Photos

The winner of my Macungie Bridal Show gift certificate asked if I could take some photos together with her fiance, a Marine, who was going to be deployed to Afghanistan right after their wedding.  I was more than happy to do it and got to hear about how he surprised her by showing up on Kutztown’s campus with some of his buddies (in uniform) with her favorite color roses and an engagement ring!  
Their time together right now is all-too-brief.  He’ll be leaving for Afghanistan in about one week for a nine month deployment.  These images will become even more precious during their time apart.
What a sweet couple they make and how very much in love they are.
Photos are powerful in so many ways.  A recent UCLA study showed that just looking at photographs of loved ones can make you feel emotionally and physically better.

I am so grateful to him for his sacrifice and service to our country, and wish him a safe and secure return home to his new bride.


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