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Slipcases, Suds & Other Sustainable Stuff

After much surfing and searching, I found a craftsman in California who can build elegant slipcase covers for my big leather wedding books!

There are twenty fabric colors to choose from as well as seventeen leather colors.

The colorful glowing blocks below are actually bars of all natural, vegan soap (“Zeep Soap”) made by Lehigh Valley native, Lindsay Falcone. Lindsay uses a combination of plant-based butters, essential oils and natural herbs to make her soaps.  There are no preservatives, chemical fillers or artificial scents that can irritate your skin.

Zeep Soap is available online and makes great favors or gifts …. and smell delicious, naturally! 

The title of this blog entry is Sustainable Stuff … is it possible to attain enlightenment about sustainability in 20 minutes?  Just watch this video.  It’s the smartest 20 minutes you’ll spend today!

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