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Food and Photos

I am frequently asked by brides if there are any restaurants I’d recommend in Easton for a rehearsal dinner.  Easton is rapidly becoming known for its fine dining options – Valenca (above photo), Sogo, River Grille, PhenomMex Tex TrioTouch of Thai and last, but not least, Sette Luna, where I had lunch on Thursday with three remarkable photographers: Ed Eckstein, whose book “Bricks and Mortals” reminds me of Eugene Smith’s photo essay “Country Doctor”; David Haas who has documented our national parkways and taught photography at Muhlenburg College, Lehigh University, and Kutztown University; and Leif Skoogfors, who has covered the White House for Gamma, and photographed conflicts in many parts of the world for Time as well as documenting disasters in this country for FEMA.  

The discussion ranged from bullet-proof Kevlar, to copyright infringement, to how taking a photograph at the wrong moment can escalate a potentially volatile interaction during wartime negotiations (knowing when NOT to take a photograph).  Such photojournalists have my unending admiration for putting themselves in the most dangerous situations so that they may witness and document history for us all and for generations to come.  

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